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"Me so sexy Boutique is not a brand it is a way of life"


I am Guercelyne Chery founder and CEO of me so sexy Boutique. As a young girl I always had an immense passion for fashion and looking fabulous. I spend hours daily crafting and creating looks to find what I'd consider my trademark, a statement piece that just pops as soon as it is seen. Dressing up has always excited and inspired me to be the best self. That Zeal is one of many driving forces, which motivated me in the founding my business in 2014. My goal was and remain to bring heads turning fashion to your every day woman and to also take your confidence to another level. 

Me so sexy Boutique offers to the chic, conscious, curvy and sophisticated women who is not afraid of a little Edge. Our pieces ranges from small to 3x in most selections, bundles, wigs and waist trainers. Our goal is to provide 100% satisfaction.

 Taking confidence to another level!

Me so sexy Boutique is not a brand it is a way of life

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